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I recently had the privilege of working with Kirk Bares, the President and CEO of Elite Insight. Elite Insight was retained to assist in locating and recovering a 12 year old child who had been abducted by a non-custodial parent almost two years earlier. The US Marshals and local law enforcement had been unsuccessful in finding the 12 year old. Mr. Bares had spent a significant amount of time and resources tracking the missing child and his abductor. The diligence, resourcefulness and perseverance he exhibited was what ultimately led to this child being reunited with his mother and the abductor behind bars. Impressive investigative work, but just as important was the heart and commitment he showed by never giving up. Great Job Mr. Bares.

Ed Wunsch

President, Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team

As an executive with the Repwest SIU investigative team, I have had the pleasure of working with Elite Insight on insurance fraud on a national level. Elite Insight has taken complex and significant insurance fraud cases and obtained confessions and closed cases all across the US. Mr. Bares is an extremely talented and resourceful investigator, capable of working in some of the most difficult and dangerous environments.

Jamie Baquero-Cruz

Vice President, Repwest Insurance

I had spent a significant amount of money and resources attempting to find my birth father over a 15 year period of time. He had no credit, vehicles, property or driver’s license. Elite Insight located him a week after I had retained them. To understand how good this company is, look up Zapata, Texas on a map which is where they found my father.

Chris Snyder

West St. Paul, Minnesota

Elite Insight provided investigative resources on an extremely significant and sensitive civil case for our firm. This was a case that both law enforcement and the State’s Attorney’s office were unable to solve. Elite Insight not only solved the case but the evidence they uncovered resulted in a significant judgment being awarded to our client. I highly recommend Elite Insight.

Jeffrey Taren, Esq.

Kinoy, Taren & Geraghty, P.C.

I have worked very closely with Kirk Bares, the CEO of Elite Insight over the past several years. He is probably one of the most professional, ethical and resourceful individuals I have ever met. The resources he has at his disposal around the world both in law enforcement and the private sector is second to none in my opinion. He helped my organization implement a fraud program that saved $1 million dollars the first year. He implemented processes and procedures that reduced our inventory shrinkage dramatically. And finally, he designed an executive protection plan for all the executives within our organization that catered to our individual needs. I highly recommend that anyone seeking to hire a competent and dedicated investigative and security firm look no further than Elite Insight.

Phil Corcoran

CEO Comark, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with the investigative staff at Elite Insight on an international credit card case. The suspects in Poland were using email accounts established in the United States to fraudulently order high-value merchandise and having it redirected to Poland. The complexity and sophistication of this case was quite remarkable. Even a corrupt Customs official here in Poland who was aiding the suspects would not prevent us from making seven (7) arrests and recovering a staggering amount of merchandise and cash. Elite Insight is to be applauded for their perseverance and vast resources that they employ.

Marek Iwanicki

Visa International - Europe

The resourcefulness and investigative skills of the investigative team from Elite Insight led to the arrest of an organized crime group operating in the US and Canada which was responsible for millions of dollars in fraudulent purchases from the computer industry. I was very impressed with their ability to manage such a multi-faceted investigation involving multi-jurisdictions in two countries. They are to be commended for their work.

Denis Champagne

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Elite Insight was responsible for solving two of Chicago’s largest Cargo thefts which were valued at $1.7 and $1.3 million. Their organization was recognized by the Director of the F.B.I. for their outstanding investigative work.

Special Agent Mark Wallschlaeger

F.B.I. – Chicago

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