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I recently had the privilege of working with Kirk Bares, the President and CEO of Elite Insight. Elite Insight was retained to assist in locating and recovering a 12 year old child who had been abducted by a non-custodial parent almost two years earlier. The US Marshals and local law enforcement had been unsuccessful in finding the 12 year old. Mr. Bares had spent a significant amount of time and resources tracking the missing child and his abductor. The diligence, resourcefulness and perseverance he exhibited was what ultimately led to this child being reunited with his mother and the abductor behind bars. Impressive investigative work, but just as important was the heart and commitment he showed by never giving up. Great Job Mr. Bares.

Ed Wunsch

President, Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team

I had spent a significant amount of money and resources attempting to find my birth father over a 15 year period of time. He had no credit, vehicles, property or driver’s license. Elite Insight located him a week after I had retained them. To understand how good this company is, look up Zapata, Texas on a map which is where they found my father.

Chris Snyder

West St. Paul, Minnesota

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