When you suspect fraud, internal theft, or similar problems, we provide detailed corporate investigations.

Litigation arising from employee misconduct costs employers billions of dollars annually. Lawsuits are focused on the quality of the workplace undercover corporate investigations. Elite Insight goes beyond solving problems so you understand why things happen, not just that they happened. Our seasoned team of professional corporate investigators have the skill and unique experience to effectively conduct investigations and evidence-Based Interviews that will produce results and withstand scrutiny.

Types of Fraud Investigations

Fraud can be one of the most challenging issues to prove. The type of investigation services required when dealing with fraud cases demands experience only seasoned investigators can offer… read more about Fraud Investigation Services.

Executive Background Investigations

Elite Insight provides a complete range of personal as well as business background investigation services to clients. Our experience researching and uncovering pertinent and relevant information related to a prospective spouse, business partner, employee or vendor consistently helps you make important decisions. Read more about our Background Check Investigations.

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Elite Insight was responsible for solving two of Chicago’s largest Cargo thefts which were valued at $1.7 and $1.3 million. Their organization was recognized by the Director of the F.B.I. for their outstanding investigative work.

Special Agent Mark Wallschlaeger

F.B.I. Chicago

I have worked very closely with Kirk Bares, the CEO of Elite Insight over the past several years. He is probably one of the most professional, ethical and resourceful individuals I have ever met. The resources he has at his disposal around the world both in law enforcement and the private sector is second to none in my opinion. He helped my organization implement a fraud program that saved $1 million dollars the first year. He implemented processes and procedures that reduced our inventory shrinkage dramatically. And finally, he designed an executive protection plan for all the executives within our organization that catered to our individual needs.

I highly recommend that anyone seeking to hire a competent and dedicated investigative and security firm look no further than Elite Insight.

Phil Corcoran

CEO, Comark, Inc.

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