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Fraud is a very real and costly problem which can significantly impact your business and your bottom line. Our insurance investigators can investigate claims to determine if in fact an employee has exaggerated or faked an injury, has unreported income, employment at a second job, and/or multiple claims under other identities. Call to speak with an insurance investigator today.

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I had the pleasure of working with the investigative staff at Elite Insight on an international credit card case. The suspects in Poland were using email accounts established in the United States to fraudulently order high-value merchandise and having it redirected to Poland. The complexity and sophistication of this case was quite remarkable. Even a corrupt Customs official here in Poland who was aiding the suspects would not prevent us from making seven (7) arrests and recovering a staggering amount of merchandise and cash. Elite Insight is to be applauded for their perseverance and vast resources that they employ.
Marek Iwanicki

Visa International - Europe

As an executive with the Repwest SIU investigative team, I have had the pleasure of working with Elite Insight on insurance fraud on a national level. Elite Insight has taken complex and significant insurance fraud cases and obtained confessions and closed cases all across the US. Mr. Bares is an extremely talented and resourceful investigator, capable of working in some of the most difficult and dangerous environments.
Jamie Baquero-Cruz

Vice President, Repwest Insurance

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