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Find Missing Person

We find missing persons who may or may not want to be found. The missing person search is used to find long lost friends, lovers, and relatives. Locate searches are also used in cases of adoption, as you may need to find your birth parents to learn of your medical history, or you may be a biological parent (birth mother, birth father) looking for children given up at birth for adoption.


There are several levels of inquiry to missing person search. In some cases, such as finding long lost friends, lovers, and relatives who have just drifted away, you may have a fair amount of information about them already, such as last known address and date of birth. For other types of locating searches, you may not have any such vital data or the information you have may be decades old. These cases are more challenging, but they are solvable.

A couple of factors determine the level of difficulty in a missing person search where there is little more than a name to start with. The first factor is how common is the person’s name. If the last name is Smith or Jones and the first is fairly common, the task is more difficult. The second factor is name changes. Women generally change their names when they get married. This presents some of the more difficult to locate projects, especially when the date of birth is unknown.

The real-time missing person-the friend or relative or child that has disappeared recently requires-different strategies than those described to this point. In these cases, our agents in the field must “pound the pavement” to find the missing person. We also employ high-tech measures and discrete sources to obtain information leading to the missing person.

Passion and Perseverance Fuel Our Success

I recently had the privilege of working with Kirk Bares, the President and CEO of Elite Insight. Elite Insight was retained to assist in locating and recovering a 12 year old child who had been abducted by a non-custodial parent almost two years earlier. The US Marshals and local law enforcement had been unsuccessful in finding the 12 year old. Mr. Bares had spent a significant amount of time and resources tracking the missing child and his abductor. The diligence, resourcefulness and perseverance he exhibited was what ultimately led to this child being reunited with his mother and the abductor behind bars. Impressive investigative work, but just as important was the heart and commitment he showed by never giving up. Great Job Mr. Bares.

Ed Wunsch
President, Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team

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